SEAQUAL®: SEAQUAL ® YARN is a post consumption recycled polyester yarn with a 100% high quality containing recycled marine plastic of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.


ECONYL®: Nylon waste, such as fishing nets no longer usable and textile production scraps, which would be destined for disposal are recovered and transformed into a new yarn, having the same characteristics as nylon from virgin raw material.


NEWLIFE: New life is the only certified system of recycled polyester from 100% used bottles, transformed into polymer through a nonchemical mechanical process. 100% Made in Italy.

Amni Soul Eco

Amni Soul Eco: Amni Soul Eco®, like other biodegradable products, once in landfill decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which can be exploited as new resources for the environment and also for the cogeneration of electricity.

Sensil® Heat

Sensil® Heat: Sensil® Heat is verified to preserve body heat by absorbing and managing moisture and neutralizing odor. The specially made coffee charcoal and the oxide additive built into the yarn absorb and capture body heat over a long period of time.