For some years now, in addition to the beachwear world, AREAB has developed a clothing area dedicated mainly to the type of product in cut jersey, active, a mix of woven fabrics with jersey.

Our skills allow us to satisfy customer requests in terms of collection and fabric research and development, special processes ranging from printing/embroidery to all types of treatments on the finished garment from simple washing to more complex dyeing.

We are able to carry out all the different processes that make up a product by making use of different structures located in our area, easily accessible and above all linked to us in common projects.

We take care of the customer’s requests from the creation of the first prototype to the creation and delivery of the productions, taking into consideration the quality of the product, the delivery times and the right price to make them.

To date, our skills are at the service of many customers and brands known throughout the world, the growth is continuous and aimed at consolidating our development trend.


We source everything:
The customer only has an idea of the collection structure and entrusts Area B for all steps.


We source partially, using textiles and accesories you give us:
The customer already has textiles and accessories (both for product and packaging), so we start from an advanced step.

Merch plan / collection structure

The client brand shares a Merch Plan with Area B which contains the data necessary for structuring the collection, such as item number, SKU code and prices.

Research and choice of materials and fabrics

After examining the Merch Plan, we carry out a careful research activity to better interpret the customer’s needs, after which we offer them fabrics, accessories, processes (prints / embroideries / textile treatments), labeling deemed suitable for the development of the collection.

Prototype and samples

Once the collection structure has been defined, Area B creates the first garments through its own modeling and prototyping department and then proceeds with the creation of the samples.


The production of the collection can take place in different basins, both nationally and internationally, according to the customer’s needs. In Italy Area B collaborates daily with almost 60 laboratories but also produces in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Tunisia.

Cutting department

Area B is equipped with a modern cutting room suitable for cutting the single prototype and the sample series. The same department also supports a large part of the production.


We collaborate with various external structures for the creation of heat-sealed parts and/or garments.

Overlapping fabrics embroidered with high and low effect, embroidery processing with laser support for contour definition.

Mix of jersey, shuttle and feather fabrics

Manual textile treatments combined with all-over silk-screen prints.

3D effect embroidery

Processing on special technical fabrics (neoprene)

Finished garment dyeing.

Various applications


Area B is specialised in the research and usage of eco-friendly/recycled materials, that are recovered and regenerated materials through a complex chemical-physical process.
Our philosophy: the future is circular!