Beachwear and underwear Private Label

Area B deals with the beachwear, underwear and sportswear production for men, women and children, for fashion brands but also for both estabilshed and emerging designers.

The activity of private label means that Area B takes care of all the phases of the creation of a collection: research of material, graphic proposals and modelling solutions, thus allowing the customer to fully concentrate on the stylistic part.

The Area B’s beachwear, underwear and sportswear Private Label service is distinguished in:


We source everything:
The customer only has an idea of the collection structure and entrusts Area B for all steps.


We source partially, using textiles and accesories you give us:
The customer already has textiles and accessories (both for product and packaging), so we start from an advanced step.


Area B is specialised in the research and usage of eco-friendly/recycled materials, that are recovered and regenerated materials through a complex chemical-physical process.
Our philosophy: the future is circular!

Merch. Plan/Collection structure

The brand shares with Area B a Merch. Plan that contains data needed to provide a collection structure, such as item number, SKU codes and prices. Our creative team can also support the brand for sketches.

Materials and Fabrics research

After examining the Merch. Plan, we carry out a research to better interpret the needs of the customer, then we propose fabrics, accessories, prints and packaging suitable for the development of the collection.

Sketches and collection proposal

Once that materials and fabrics are defined, Area B creates models that will identify product families, sourcing from a book of over 600 models (split between man and woman). Sketches are then given to the customer for approval and after that, the collection structure is defined.

Prototypes and samples

Once that the collection structure is defined, Area B creates first prototypes for the fitting session. After that, the next step is the production of Salesmen samples.


The production will be in different places, both in national or international territory, according to the customer’s needs. As far as Italy is concerned, Area B works with almost 60 laboratories every day, but we can also produce in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Tunisia.


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