Beachwear & underwear licensing

In addition to the private label, Area B also produces and distributes beachwear and underwear products. A lot of national and international fashion brands entrust us for the entire development and distribution of their beachwear and underwear lines.

But why does a brand entrust to Area B the license for its products?
The way of licensing is usually chosen by those brands that have not yet developed their own line for this type of products and turn for the first time turn to this sector, but also those who already have a beachwear and underwear line but want to give it a new feeling and positioning in the market. In these cases the goal of Area B is to develop a beachwear and underwear line and then distribute it through an appropriate distribution network, in line with the image and positioning of the brand.

Choosing Area B as the licensee of your beachwear and underwear products means having a specialized, competent partner with a long experience in the production of swimwear and underwear lines always by your side, from the first steps of creation of the collection to the distribution of finished products.

Business plan

first step in which all production, distribution and promotion terms are defined.

Development and research

brand identity analysis in order to consequently adapt beachwear and underwear collection

Collection proposal

the creative team draws a collection proposal to be approved by the brand

Prototypes and sample set

first prototypes are created: once they are confirmed, the final sample set is defined.

Sales campaign

through a specialized network of agents and distributors that sell the collection


the collection is produced in one or more of our main production areas (China, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Tunisia), before arriving to our warehouse.

Distribution and marketing

orders are prepared and sent to stores or distributors.

We also study and start marketing and promotion of beachwear & underwear collections created for the brand.


Distribution: Worldwide

Distribution: Worldwide

Distribution: Worldwide

Distribution: Worldwide

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Distribution: Worldwide

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